The next edition of the Aphetor Games is scheduled to take place in Rhodes between 11-16 July, with 30 social media creators – plus our presenters and crew – travelling to the Greek island from all over the world.

There’s still a lot of uncertainty around international travel; the Coronavirus pandemic hasn’t gone away and moving across borders clearly has risk attached. As a responsible business we want to do everything we can to minimise that risk, and feel it’s important to set out the measures we’re taking to ensure the safety of our competitors, crew, the people of Rhodes – and our own families, friends and communities at home.

Greece is prioritising vaccination in the islands

Firstly, it’s worth noting that Greece’s safety and vaccination program has accelerated in order for the islands to be Covid free by the end of June. So we’re hopeful that by July, travel to Rhodes from the UK, the EU and USA – and return journeys – will be permitted without significant restrictions..

We’ll respond to the situation as it evolves

If, however, significant travel restrictions to Greece from the UK, Europe and USA remain in place, we will reconsider whether the Games should take place in the format we’ve planned. Again, it’s worth emphasising, the last thing we want to do is unnecessarily risk the health of our competitors, crew or the wider community.

Testing and workplace health and safety

As a production, the Aphetor Games is a place of work. We continue to take guidance from our own (UK) government and independent health and safety bodies as well as following all the measures put in place by the local government in Rhodes.. At present we plan to provide tests for everyone involved in the production before travel and during the Games, where on-site medics will also instruct us on best practice – including what to do if a member of our production tests positive for Covid-19.

We’ll update you here

The past year has taught us that the situation can change quickly, so we’ll try to keep this page updated with the latest measures we’re taking to make Aphetor Games as safe as possible.

We believe that life is for living, and after more than a year of lockdown we can’t wait to get outside, challenge our competitors and inspire our audience to step out of their comfort zones… in other words, Let Loose! But we’re committed to doing it safely.

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