The Welsh mountains of Snowdonia were the setting for our epic pilot event. 20 creators from the UK and Europe faced a series of extreme challenges – and it all played out on social media. Here’s just a small sample…

Altitude Highlights
TWENTY creators, SIX extreme challenges, ONE epic location
Anna Maria's VLOG
Και που λες με επέλεξαν για να πάρω μέρος στα aphetors games
Hang tough
Don’t let the absolute drama of Hang Tough slip through your fingertips 😧💦
JC & 220's Zipline VLOG
Reply to @isaiahphoto the height of the Empire State Building tall enough?.. #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #story #sandtotesla
Dragon Boat Race
Our Welsh dragon boat race sees the teams split into pairs and race across a reservoir in Canadian Canoes. Who went home victorious (and who went home wet)?
Josh F*cks Up
The size of that splash! 💦😂 @yogismithua #aphetor #aphetorgames #fyp #foryoupage
Singer-songwriter JC Stewart and producer 220 Kid hit the back row of the Aphetor bus to talk tactics, tear-stained pianos, and pictures of the Chuckle Brothers...
Silke Queen of Hearts
I’m so happy to announce that I’m the winner .... of hearts. actually @tim_champion fucking smashed it and won this whole thing 😄 I took 5th place of 20 Aphetors! Big thanks to @aphetorgames for making this happen! I had such a great time and I’ve met so many cool people on this journey 🙏🏽
Plumet IGTV
OMG that ending 😭Rewind to the emotional rollercoaster that was Plummet 🤯
Bash X Taylor Swift
Oh my days WOW! This is the best vid I’ve seen @aphetorgames #fyp #foryou #lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ocean's Insta Shoot
Summer in the winter ☀️✌🏽🏝
Bash' Transformation
Body Transformation,l , 1 year Later 💪🏾💪🏾👊🏾 @officialdonel #fyp #foryou #vibe #loveyourself
Filly & Chunkz React
How does Chunkz do pull ups? 😂💪 #fyp #foryoupage #filly #fillyandchunkz #aphetor #aphetorgames @chunkz @yungfilly
Helen's Racing Reel
Just tearing up the welsh mountains. Eat my dust‼️‼️🏍 @aphetorgames @zip_world
Choose you Aphetor
Wait to see who’s turned up in their bath robe 👘 😂👏 @officialdonel @eyalbooker @simplyluke @iamjcstewart @jakeboys @helenanderz @220kidmusic