Full of fun and positivity, Chelcee is consistently showcasing herself in the best possible light. Her vibrant traits are why she’ll be leading the Aphetor Games coverage this summer as a lead presenter. Like all Aphetors, Chelcee epitomises hard work and talent, but does so in the most unique way there is. That’s because in addition to her MOTDx presenting, She’s a Grammy-nominated songwriter having written songs for the likes of Dua Lipa and Kylie Minogue, and a professional footballer, formerly for Liverpool and Spurs. If our Aphetor star isn’t the literal definition of a triple threat, then we don’t know what is.
Yo guys! So, Joe Weller may be used to wafflin’ on his podcast, but from July 11th in Rhodes, he’ll be providing a running commentary on our unique, fun and gripping challenges alongside Chelcee. He brings valuable experience as a Sky Sports commentator, having called the shots on KSI’s bouts with Logan Paul. With over 5 million subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel, Joe’s completed the circuit through sketch vlogs, music videos, and FIFA-related content. We can’t wait for his quips this summer.
Our German roving reporter Alex has built a massive audience on TikTok with his feel-good free running videos, vlogs and collabs with his squad - that includes girlfriend Lucy, who's competing at the Games. He's gonna be in Rhodes teaching our Aphetors some of his moves!
Originally from Congo, raised in Glasgow and now running his social platforms from London. Bash the entertainer started putting out comedy videos on YT over 4 years ago and more recently started his TikTok channel, having gained over 1.4million followers. Bash’s greatest love is his daughter, who he does everything for. And he has also gone to extreme lengths to find himself a Mrs Bash, including shaving his beard. His hidden talent is singing and his favourite artist is Chris Brown. His biggest hates are racism, stairs and walking.
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