Aphetor Rising

Rhodes Greece

The Aphetor Games brings together thirty stars from all over social media to compete in a three-day event that’s part sports competition, part mad gameshow.

Taking place on the Greek island of Rhodes, Aphetor: Rising will take our competitors well outside their comfort zones. They’ll compete in teams across six intense challenges, and points will be awarded in each to decide who wins the overall prize.

Challenge 1: Sand Storm

We head to the beach for our first challenge, but there's no time for sunbathing. Our Aphetors will be put through their paces in a gruelling sandy assault course. This is navy seal training meets Aphetor: Rising.

Challenge 2: Web Of War

A tug of war like no other. Each team will be tied together in the shape of a huge spider, each connected by rope (the spider's leg) to a central ring. The aim is for each team member to spike their leg in the ground at a marked point and the first team to spike all their legs wins. It's as much about strategy and teamwork as raw strength.

Challenge 3: Nature Valley Splash Dash

The Aphetors must harness the magic powers of Orion as they race other across a series of floating logs in a mad dash relay in St Paul’s Bay. Combining speed with balance is the key. Who can walk on water like the son of Poseidon?

Challenge 4: Extreme Connect Hang Tough

A classic Aphetor challenge. Hang Tough sees our competitors start in the waters of St Paul's Bay. Gripping onto a bar, they're winched out of the sea to a height of 10m. Who has the strength and guts to hang on the longest?

Challenge 5: Ice Ice Baby

An extreme test of endurance - and mind over matter. Who can hold out longest in a tub of icy water? Bonuses available for keeping a clear head and answering trivia questions set by our presenters.

Challenge 6: Step Off: LIVE

In the final challenge, each team designs their own original dance routine. Performed on Livestream, the winner is chosen by our online audience. Who can mobilise their army of fans for victory?
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